How to Attract More Likes On Instagram

How to Attract More Likes On Instagram

The new generation is very much into social media especially Instagram. Since its introduction in 2011, Instagram continued to grow to become the social media giant it is today. Many businesses and celebrities rush to Instagram to make themselves even more popular and relevant. This equates to more projects for personalities and more sales for businesses.

Instagram creates the culture of likes. This means that the more likes you get for your posts the more popular and the more desirable you become. Instagram also indexes posts and advertises them to other users. These are only done to popular posts or those with the most likes, the most commented and the most discussed. When people run a search on Instagram, the most popular posts are presented first. What this means for businesses is that the more likes you get the more likely you will be cataloged first on the search results.

The benefits of having more likes are similar to having more hits on your website. The more hits you have the more chances of you being cataloged first by search engines. The likes in Instagram does the same magic as the hits for the websites, only this time your posts will be cataloged whenever a user does a search for matching keywords on Instagram. Businesses now resort to the option to buy Instagram followers.

attracting more likes on Instagram

Using a service like Gramblast…

Unlike other services, Gramblast has less strict rules in terms of the algorithm used to catalog and rank matching posts. This is the reason why some businesses invest in the services of a third party to help them gain more followers instantly, and eventually more likes for themselves. This is perfectly safe on Instagram in contrast to doing it on your website because Google could potentially penalize you and not catalog your website at all if you are caught using this method.Gaining likes on Instagram without the use of third party services can be really exhausting but definitely possible. For starters, you need to make sure that the photos you share are of high quality and well thought of. The photo may or may not contain actual words but they must convey a message that sparks interests. When people finds a photo artistic and desirable they are more prone to the likelihood of hitting the like button.

Gaining likes is almost not a problem if you have a lot of followers. Other than gaining likes you can also focus on getting more people to follow that page. This can be achieved by updating your posts regularly using the correct and appropriate hashtags. Also, observe the time of the day when most people are on Instagram. Strategically schedule flooding posts on these hours so you capture the attention of more people and eventually get noticed. The more you get noticed on Instagram the better your chances of gaining followers and getting more likes for your posts.

Instagram has evolved from a simple photo sharing application catering to a few users to a giant platform with millions of accounts now used as the most influential marketing tool that has graced the online scene.

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